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Intellectual property protection is a must for most startups. Obtaining intellectual property protection, such as patents, can minimize competition, attract funding and can act as a defensive mechanism against infringement claims from others. 

Reasons for Patenting

Increased Valuation

Be appealing to investors and increase your startup’s valuation

Peace of Mind

Get peace of mind and focus on your product/service offering

Stop Copycats

Protect against copycats and keep your competition at bay


License out non-core technology for additional revenue streams

What founders say about IP

Some views about the importance of patents & trademarks to startups.

If you're running a tech service and don't apply for patents then "you are doing it wrong."

   It is an unfortunate game we all must play, but we didn’t invent the rules. (If you’ll forgive the colloquialism, don’t hate the player, hate the game.)

It was quite clear in the early days that we need to stay a smaller team and get those patents filed before we talked to customers, which basically also meant filing those patents before we could get any sort of substantial funding. That was a hard choice to make, but it’s a choice we’re now glad we made.

When we first started our business, we didn't think about getting protection because our idea was untested and unproven as a marketable product. We wanted to prove that it was a good idea before we invested in protection…Years later after finally proving the market, we find out that we've missed the deadline for filing a new idea. Now we've had a costly redesign effort to be able to finally protect our idea.

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