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Listen to conversations with startup founders covering topics such as IP strategy, lessons learned, and how patents gave them credibility and helped them raise capital.

Sheldon Fernandez

The CEO of DarwinAI Corp. talks about patents, trademarks, IP strategy, artificial intelligence, using convolutional neural network designed to screen patients with suspected coronavirus infections by identifying tell-tale signs of the disease on chest X-rays. DarwinAI was named to the 2020 CB Insights AI 100 List of the most innovative artificial intelligence startups.

Stephany Lapierre

The CEO of Tealbook Inc. talks about trademarks, software patents, women entrepreneurship, disruption of supply chains in the current global crisis, and raising capital.

Bolis Ibrahim

The CEO & Founder of Argentum Electronics Inc. talks about why they decided to protect  their  IP and why it's not a great idea to write your own patent application.